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White 1993 All-Trac


A not so perfect history '93 All-Trac getting the go fast goodies!

Target for this car is 12's in the quarter mile with stock internals. This car is being fixed up from my accident, rear quarter and front clip is replaced. I am sparing no expense for this car to be fixed the right way. I have the engine on the stand ready to go in, car should be in my shop very soon so keep an eye for updates. Suspension work is being done also with coilovers and in car dampening adjustment(EDFC) Mods are listed below the engine on stand picture.


-JDM ST185 60K mile engine assembly
-HKS 1.0mm Metal Headgasket
-ARP Headstuds
-HKS 264 Duration Camshafts
-AEM Tru-Time Adjustable Cam Gears
-MRS Shimless Lifter Conversion
-Hux Racing Custom Intake Manifold
-Extrude Hone Intake Runners
-BBK 65 mm Throtle Body(for stang)
-Greddy TD06sh-20G Turbo Kit
-Custom ATS External Wastegate Kit
-Ported Manifold and Turbine Housing
-Spearco 28x10x3" Intercooler Core
-Top Feed Injector Rail
-75 Lb. Injectors
-MagnaFlow Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Autronic Standalone EMS
-Autronic Wide Band o2
-J&S Ultra Safeguard
-Autometer Ultra-Lite Boost, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure 2-5/8 Gauges
-Autometer Ultra-Lite EGT and Water Temp 2-1/16 gauges
-Fidenza Aluminum Flywheel
-Clutchmasters Stage 3 Clutch
-ST185RC Transmission
-Filled Motor Mounts
-Tein Super Street Coilovers
-Tein EDFC
-Group A Hood and Bumper Conversion
-Group A Emblem Set
-Group A Steering Wheel
-RC Shifter Number Plate
18x7.5" Volk SE37A Gold
25mm Wheel Spacers