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Black 1988 All-Trac

Yes this 1988 All-Trac Turbo could be yours

Ok I had my first '93 All-Trac which had a start on parts to build a 600+ horsepower beast, you know Clutchmasters twin disc, all the upgraded internals stuff that makes you think unstreetabilty espically with that expensive clutch. I needed a daily driver right away since I just wrecked my 1988 Toyota pickup so I found this car.


I bought this 1988 All-Trac with no rust and never been wrecked . My intentions for this car was to be a daily driver, then strip it down and put that 600+ Horsepower engine in there and have a 9 second trailor queen. Well being my daily driver it had to break down and need some maintence. So here is what I did.......below this next pic that I took before it all happened.


Rebuilt cylinder head
New timing belt
New water pump
New rear main seal
New hoses all over
Rebuilt turbo with a T04e 50 trim compressor
1992 JDM trans with 60K miles
Spec stage 2 clutch
TWM short throw shifter
GT Grant steering wheel

The car is not ready to be sold, I have had the turbo re-re-rebuilt because Performance Techniques doesn't have any clue. I do have small bugs that need to be fixed then the car will be up for $3000. I can say now that it will need a new set of struts. Car will be sold with powdercoated 14's.